House Packing Service in Vancouver

House Packing Service

House Packing Service


What’s included in our packing & organizing services:

  • 30-minute virtual consultation
  • Coordination and hiring of the moving company
  • Packing and labelling boxes (we get all the packing materials delivered to you!!!)
  • Looking after the movers
  • Professional organizing of your home as we unpack
  • Our time shopping for organizing products
  • Taking out your unwanted items to donations (limited to one carload per session)
  • Dropping off your expired medicine to pharmacies for recycling
  • Dropping off old/broken electronics to recycling

How to Arrange Your Packing Service

On the day of your appointment, the professional packers will arrive fully prepared to get on with the professional packing service. They will assemble the boxes and start wrapping every item with utmost care. Each filled-up box will be secured with a vinyl tape and labelled appropriately. Fragile items will be protected with bubble wrap and encased in timber crates if requested. The professional packers will cover any soft pieces of furniture with a plastic sheet. And rest assured that all your movable property will be fully insured from start to finish!

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