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Olena Zaldivar

Olena Zaldivar


Hello my name is Olena Zaldivar, I am a Trained Professional Organizer and a member of POC. I have had the opportunity to help a wide variety of individuals and families organize their homes.

The array of projects range from downsizing to helping business owners, working with people who go through different transitions in their lives.

As a former caregiver I enjoy building professional relationship with my clients by carefully listening their needs and providing them with the best service.

Together we declutter and reshape your home creating a system that will suit your needs. My greatest reward is to share the happiness of my clients in their newly spruced homes.

I do what I love every day. As such, I touch peoples lives and connect with them on a deep level. I provide information and support to individuals, families assisting them in creating simpler, efficient and easily accessible living space.