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Olena Zaldivar

Olena Zaldivar



My name is Olena Zaldivar, and I am the owner of Harmony Home Organizing.

I am a trained professional organizer based in Vancouver and a member of POC.

My journey in organizing started in 2016, and since then, I have helped numerous individuals and families organize their homes.

I grew up in Ukraine and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business management. During my time at university, I dreamed of starting a business that would truly help people and bring more meaning into their lives. Little did I know that one day organizing would become my passion, and I would have my own team of organizers improving people’s lives every day.

I am very grateful to do what I love. As such, I touch people’s lives and connect with them on a deep level. I provide information and support to people struggling with managing their homes and assist them in creating a simple, more efficient, and easily accessible living space. Nothing brings me more joy than satisfied clients with a look of relief on their faces after we finish our projects together.