Organizing after a House Move in Vancouver

Organizing after a House Move

Organizing after a House Move


Specialist House Decluttering Services

Moving house can be pretty stressful, especially if you work and have a busy family life. Many customers have asked me to help on moving-in-day to help get their homes organised from day one. Unpacking in a rush (especially kitchens!) can lead to wasted hours spent reorganising later on.


  • Unpack boxes
  • Declutter food items & cooking equipment
  • Plan storage of cooking equipment & food
  • Fill & organise cupboards
  • Create streamlined & clutter free work surfaces


  • Unpack suitcases & bags
  • Declutter clothing & accessories
  • Organise clothing and shoes to fit new wardrobes/drawers
  • Advice on storing summer/winter wardrobes

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