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According to a recent survey conducted on behalf of North American Van Lines, 45% of respondents said that moving was the most stressful event of their lives. If you’ve ever moved, you are probably nodding your head right now.

From decluttering, packing, and physically moving your belongings to unpacking and organizing, it can be a very long and arduous process. But even if you’re super organized and have hired movers, there are still the aspects that most people don’t think about that can be stressful on their own, like what to pack all your belongings in!

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to finding moving boxes, and while there are some practical aspects to consider, like size and stackability, it really comes down to budget and personal preference.

We’ve listed some of the most popular options for moving boxes below.

Free or Affordable Moving Boxes

While it takes a bit more effort to source these, there are plenty of ways to get free moving boxes. Check places like Facebook Marketplace or your local community Facebook group for people giving away moving boxes. You can also contact local liquor stores, bakeries, grocery stores and small appliance stores to see if they have boxes you could pick up. Many businesses break their boxes down right away, but you can often arrange for them to keep some aside for you to pick up.

Packing Boxes

You can purchase brand-new cardboard boxes from truck rental companies like U-Haul, Home Improvement stores like Home Depot, or packaging companies like Allworld Packaging


The great thing about these boxes is they’re brand new, and you can often pick up the exact-sized boxes you need. Plus, if you have unused boxes left over, you can often return them for a refund.

However, it can be hard to know exactly how many boxes of each size you’ll use for a move, so that means you may need to make multiple trips to the store to buy them. While cardboard boxes can be used a few times, they are not indestructible, which can also add up.

Plastic Bins

While plastic bins are a sturdier option and a great choice if you intend to store any items long-term, they can be a pain to get rid of after your move. Unlike cardboard boxes, they can’t be tossed in the recycle bin, so they can take up a lot of precious storage space.

Rentable Reusable Moving Boxes

If you like the idea of sturdy plastic moving boxes but don’t want the cost of buying and the hassle of getting rid of them afterward, there’s another option. Companies like Frog Box and Gorilla Box rent reusable, sturdy, plastic moving bins.

You get all the benefits of plastic bins without the hassle of storing or disposing of them and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new bins.

If the whole process of moving seems too stressful for you and you need help, we are here. We have years of experience decluttering, packing, unpacking and organizing and would be happy to help relieve your stress!

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