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Home Organizing

Transform your daily life into a harmonious sanctuary where you can reclaim time for yourself and cherished moments with loved ones. Our in-home organizing services are here to bring order to every corner of your house, including:

Professional organizer Olena from Harmony Home Organizing in the process of organizing a kitchen.
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Our comprehensive process involves:

Sorting and Weeding Out

We'll help you sift through belongings, identifying what to keep, donate, or discard.

Finding a Place for Everything

Each item will have its designated spot, maximizing space and efficiency.

Organizing with Goals in Mind

We'll tailor the organization to suit your specific needs and aspirations for the space.

Tidying Up

Once organized, we'll ensure the area is left neat and tidy, ready for your enjoyment.

Donation Assistance

As part of our organizing services, unwanted items will be transported for donation, ensuring they find new purpose elsewhere.

Let us bring harmony and order to your home, allowing you to live your best life surrounded by clarity and tranquility.

4 hours minimum for home organizing services

Online Video Consultation


In-Person Consultation


Deposit Policy

Our schedule fills up quickly, so we recommend booking approximately a week in advance to secure your preferred time and date.

To secure your booking, we require an upfront deposit equal to 4 hours of the service rate. This deposit is refundable under the following conditions:

  • Rescheduling: If you reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable if you fail to provide 24 hours notice for rescheduling. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

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Virtual Organizing

We offer Virtual Organizing services to help you declutter and organize your space efficiently, even from a distance.

Virtual Organizing
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Here's how it works:

Initial Assessment

We'll use a video platform to assess your space and identify areas needing attention.

Customized Plan

Together, we'll develop a tailored plan that suits your needs and home layout.

Guided Process

Via live video stream or chat, we'll provide real-time guidance as you tackle your organizing tasks. We'll be there to support you through tough decisions on what to keep and what to let go of.

Progress Tracking

We'll check in regularly to track your progress and discuss next steps, ensuring you stay on track to meet your goals.

Habit Formation

We'll teach you new habits to maintain an organized home, and you can reach out anytime with questions or concerns via email or text.

With our Virtual Organizing services, you'll receive personalized support and accountability to achieve your organizational goals, no matter where you are.

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Packing Services

Our Packing Services are designed to streamline your moving experience with efficiency and care. Here's what you can expect.

Packing Services
Packing Services 2

What's Included:

Virtual Consultation

A 30-minute session to understand your needs and tailor our services accordingly.

Moving Coordination

We hire the moving company and coordinate with them.

Packing and Labeling

Our team packs and labels your belongings, ensuring a smooth transition. We provide all necessary packing materials, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Mover Supervision

If needed we can oversee the moving process to ensure your items are handled with care.

Professional Organizing

Upon unpacking, we organize your new space efficiently and professionally.

Shopping for Organizing Products

We take the hassle out of shopping for organizational supplies, sourcing items tailored to your needs.

Donation Assistance

We transport unwanted items for donation, with a limit of one carload per session.

Medicine and Electronics Recycling

We responsibly dispose of expired medicines and old/broken electronics by dropping them off at pharmacies and recycling centers.

Let us take the stress out of your move, leaving you free to focus on the excitement of settling into your new home.


4 hours minimum for packing services

Packing Rates (excluding boxes)

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In addition to organizing services, we also offer interior handyman services alongside our other professional organizing solutions. With fees at $80/hour, our handyman can assist in various ways to enhance your home.


Whether you're moving into a new space or seeking upgrades, here's how our handyman can help:

Creating Your Dream Home

From fresh coats of paint to installing new doors, trim, and baseboards, our handyman can swiftly transform your space from drab to fab. These simple updates can completely revitalize a room's look, making it feel like your dream home. Consider starting these updates before moving in and organizing your space for maximum efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance

Even if you're not going through a major life change, it's wise to address small repairs before they escalate. Our team ensures your home stays in top condition, fixing minor issues before they become major headaches.

Your Sanctuary Awaits

Harmony Home Organizing aims to create organized and tranquil spaces for all their clients. Their professionals are dedicated to bringing harmony to your home, making it a peaceful sanctuary where you can relax and unwind.


Whether your home needs major upgrades or minor fixes, reach out to us for a free phone consultation.

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