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Top 10 IKEA Organizers Everyone Needs

If you are planning a trip to IKEA you may as well take a look at these organizing supplies as they work well for any home. I made a list of top 10 items that you might find useful for organizing your home.

VARIERA Plastic Bag Holder

variera plastic bag dispenser white IKEA

It’s super useful in the kitchen for used grocery plastic bags. It can also be used for organizing the gift wrapping paper by standing it up.

VARIERA Shelve Riser

variera shelf insert white IKEA

Great to utilize in those shelves that have a lot of upper space, typically in the kitchen for cups, dishes, or under the sink.

KUNGSFORS Magnetic Knife Rack

kungsfors magnetic knife rack stainless steel IKEA

It’s a stainless steel magnetic knife rack perfect for those who like having things within a reach. With this organizer you can organize your items such as knives or measuring cups. Alternatively, it can be used in the bathroom for items like hair pins.

SNUDDA Lazy Susan

snudda lazy susan solid wood IKEA

It’s one of my favorite organizing supplies. It is mostly used in your kitchen for sauces, oils, vinegar, and for your vitamins in the bathroom.


skubb box set of 6 white IKEA

Ideal for the drawers with clothes and accessories. It can also be used for your bathroom drawers. There are 3 different sizes that fit perfectly in your closet drawers.

SKUBB Storage Case

skubb storage case white IKEA

If you have space under your bed you can utilize the SKUBB storage case for storing clothes or personal items. It works well and it’s easy to pull out.

VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer

variera pot lid organizer stainless steel IKEA

It’s a stainless steel organizer. Great for organizing pot lids in your kitchen.

KALLAX Shelf Unit

kallax shelf unit white IKEA

One of my favourite purchases is the IKEA KALLAX shelf. It’s versatile and perfect for play rooms, offices and living rooms. It is customizable and can be placed vertically or horizontally.

RASKOG Utility Cart

raskog utility cart black IKEA

This cart fits in the smallest of spaces and can be easily moved anywhere you need it. It can be used for craft, tools, bathroom storage or in the kitchen for extra supplies.

SKADIS Pegboard

skadis pegboard white IKEA

This pegboard serves well in pretty much any area of your home in the office, craft room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

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