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Tips for Holiday Organizing

Harmony Home Organizing Vancouver

This time of year seems to be one of the busiest! With summer ending and the holidays quickly approaching, you may find your home is becoming overrun with things.

Whether you like to change your decor seasonally or for each holiday, the fall is a great time to take inventory of your belongings and declutter. The holiday period is also often filled with lots of visitors, holiday parties, and an influx of gifts into your home.

Taking the time to organize and declutter now will help ensure you don’t become too stressed with keeping up with your home over the holidays.

Organize Decor & Seasonal Items

Keeping various decor items organized will help you switch between seasons. Seasonal items like cookie cutters, baking moulds, baskets, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and season-specific dishes can all be stored together. There’s no use in taking up valuable space in your kitchen with items like those listed above when you will only use them once per year.

Use Bins and Labels

Storage bins and totes are integral to keeping seasonal items organized. Try to use the same type and size of bins so they are easily stackable, and make sure you label them. If you’ve got multiple bins for the same holiday/season, group similar items together and be detailed in your labelling. For example, if you have multiple Halloween bins, keep all outdoor decor in one, indoor decor in another, and perhaps costumes in a third. Label accordingly and consider listing the specific items in each bin, making it easier to find something when you need it.

Don’t Buy More Before Taking Inventory

When switching between seasons and holidays, it is easy to get swept up with all the new merchandise and decor displayed in many stores. To keep clutter at a minimum, avoid impulse buying. When you see something you really want, take a photo of it, or make a note about it. Before purchasing it, go through your decor to ensure you don’t have a duplicate or similar item and to make sure it will fit with your current decor.


At the beginning of each new holiday, go through your bins and decide if there are any items that no longer fit your home’s aesthetic or are of no use to you.


Once you’ve decluttered, instead of just tucking the item back in the bin for another year, consider selling or even donating to someone who could make use of the item. There are many organizations in Vancouver that help connect those in need with the items they could use.

Is the thought of getting organized for the holidays still stressing you out? Give us a call today to see how we can help bring peace and harmony to your home!