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Spring Clean and Declutter to Bring Harmony to Your Home

Spring has sprung! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting nicer, and the flowers and trees are blooming. It’s a great time to open up all your windows and let the fresh spring air flow through. It’s also the perfect time to declutter and give your home a spring clean.

During the long, cold months, we tend to surround ourselves with comforts, such as books and warm, cozy blankets. Closets fill with puffy jackets, warm boots, mittens and scarves. As our children spend more time inside, their toy collection increases and the dreaded junk drawer somehow seems to fill up in a blink.

The best way to start the Spring Cleaning process is by decluttering. It is much easier to clean when surfaces are clear of excess items and everything is in its proper place.

Living Room and Main Closet

Replace heavy blankets with lighter throws and change out any seasonal decorative pillows. Clear out and store winter gear such as jackets, boots, mittens, and toques, and replace with spring/summer jackets and shoes.

Medicine and Bathroom Cabinets

Go through the bathrooms and remove any expired medication, hair and body products and makeup products you no longer use. Drop off over-the-counter and prescription medication at your local pharmacy. They will properly dispose of medications ensuring they don’t end up in the environment. Donate any unused hair and makeup products to a local shelter.

Children’s Toys and Clothes

When you look around, it may feel like your children’s toys somehow multiplied overnight! As we are spending more time outside, it’s a good time to pare down toys and sort through the clothes that will be too small by next fall. Consider involving your children in the process. It’s a perfect opportunity to teach them organizational skills and to talk about donating unused items to help others.

Junk Drawer

No matter what you call it (knick-knack drawer, catch-all, junk drawer), we all have one of these. It’s the place where any little thing that doesn’t have a home of its own ends up. Over time it can swell with little things like receipts, half-empty gum packets, lip balms, charging cables, pens, and spare change. The best way to tackle this drawer is to empty it on the counter or table, separate it into groups of like items, and sort through each group to discard the extras. Use drawer organizers or dividers to reorganize and keep it tidy.

Flat Surfaces

Last but not least, declutter all your flat surfaces. Countertops and tables can quickly become a collection area for flyers and mail and knick-knacks. Choose one area to declutter at a time and complete before moving on to the next. By decluttering in sections, it is easier and quicker to complete.


Now that your home is cleared of all of the little extras that accumulated over the winter, it’s time to clean. Start by vacuuming all those nooks and crannies that get neglected, such as baseboards, window tracks, and ceiling fans. Follow this up by washing or wiping down these surfaces with your favourite cleaning products.

Decluttering and cleaning will bring peace and harmony to your home. Like the changing season, your sanctuary will feel lighter and brighter. If you need guidance or help with organizing, your professional organizing team is just a phone call away!