Professional Organizing Services

Serving the Greater Vancouver Area

Home Organizing

Bring order to your everyday life and make time for yourself and your loved ones. We will help you sort and organize all areas in your house such as the kitchen, pantry, bedroom, closet, bathroom, home office, children’s play area, laundry room, storage space, basement, and entryway. The process includes: sorting and weeding out; finding a place for each item; organizing the space keeping your end goals in mind; tidying up the organizing area; arranging transportation of unwanted items for donation.


Harmony Home Organizing will efficiently pack and unpack your home so your move will be more joyful. We will label and colour-code all the moving boxes so each box will go to its specified room.

Handyman Services

We now offer interior handyman services as an addition to our professional organizing services at Harmony Home Organizing. Our handyman services fees are $80/hour.

Need help organizing or packing/unpacking your belongings? Contact me today!

Virtual Organizing

Are you tired of clutter and need some motivation and guidance?
Through a virtual organizing session, we will work with you closely to define your goals and guide you step-by-step. With our support and accountability, you will be able to organize your home efficiently.
What is the process?
  1. Using a video platform we will walk through your space and define the area of your home that requires our attention the most.
  2. We will develop a step by step plan and find the solution that works best for you and your home.
  3. In real-time, via live video stream or chat, we will direct you through the organizing process. We will be by your side when you need to make those difficult decisions on what to keep and what to let go.
  4. We will track your progress daily, or as frequently as you desire by checking up on you and discussing further steps.
  5. We will  teach you new habits on how to keep your home organized. You can email or text us anytime during the organizing project if you have any questions.