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Organizing Clothes by Category

Harmony Home Organizing in Vancouver

Is your closet a disaster? Do you struggle to find specific items of clothing in the morning? Are you frustrated by having to put away laundry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider organizing your clothes by category.


The first step when starting a closet overhaul is to sort all your clothes into similar groups. Group hanging items together on hangers, take out all folded items from drawers/bins and group them together on a large surface, such as your bed.


Once all clothing is in groups, it will be simple to declutter. You may discover you have 20 pairs of black leggings, for example. By grouping them, you can quickly identify the oldest, those in disrepair or that don’t fit and remove them.

Clothing can often evoke memories (your first concert, the sweater your mom got you for Christmas, or the old sweatshirt that belonged to an ex) that makes it hard to let go of the item. We think we will wear it again one day, but a good rule to follow is if you have not worn it in more than a year, it is time to let it go.

Use the Right Tools

What do we mean by this? It is as simple as using bins, shelving, hangers, and storage solutions to suit your needs or installing extra shelving and closet rods at various heights. If you’re tight on space, something as simple as a Closet organizer or bins may do the trick.


Now that your clothes are in categories, you are ready to organize.

Hanging items:

●  jackets,
●  blouses/button-up shirts,
●  pants,
●  skirts,
●  dresses.

Along with grouping these items into style and colour also consider their lengths. Use proper hangers, such as wood or velvet, and specialty skirt and pant hangers.

Folded items, such as

● activewear,
● t-shirts,
● socks,
● undergarments

are best stored in drawers, bins, or on shelves, depending on your closet space and bedroom setup.

Not sure how to properly fold these items? Check out this quick video for tips!

If you’re still unsure where to begin or are stuck on what to do next, we are here to help! Contact us today for a free phone consultation, and let us bring harmony to your home!