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Has your garage become a dumping ground for a bunch of random items? Our garages are often the most neglected part of our homes and when you don’t have storage solutions in place, they can quickly become a disorganized mess. Seasonal items and decorations, sporting equipment, shoes, boots, boxes, and many other items can quickly pile up in your garage. If you can no longer fit your vehicle in the garage or can barely open the car door because of the piles of items lining your garage floor, read on for our tips on organizing your garage like a pro!


As with any area of your home, decluttering is the first and most important step in getting organized. When tackling your garage, be sure to give yourself enough time to properly declutter. Depending on the size and state of your garage, you may be able to tackle it in a day, over a weekend, or perhaps over several weekends. If that’s the case, start small and do one area at a time.


Everyone is different, and everyone’s storage needs will be different too. Sort through items and determine what those needs are. Do you have a lot of tools? Perhaps a ton of sporting equipment? Bikes, skis, paddleboards? Tons of bins and boxes? By knowing what you have, you will be able to determine the type of storage solutions that will work best for you.

Install Storage Solutions

The wall and ceiling space in garages is often underutilized. Thankfully, there are many great solutions for creating extra storage in your garage without using any floor space. Pegboard organizers are a handy way to store all those tools, garden tools, and any odd-shaped items. You can add bins to the pegboards to keep nails, screws, and other small things organized.

Ceiling-mounted racks are handy for storing seasonal items, such as camping gear, holiday decorations, and any other items that you don’t use regularly.

Bicycles can also take up a lot of space in your garage, so finding a solution that works for you is the best way to keep your garage organized. This ceiling mount bicycle lift storage hook is an easy and inexpensive solution. Wall-mounted bike racks are great if you’ve got many bikes to store.

Heavy-duty shelving units can help create a lot of storage space while taking up very little floor space in your garage. These are a perfect solution for storing boxes and bins, or any items you use often.

While it may take a few weekends to complete, organizing your garage is worth it! Having creative and functional storage solutions will help you find the things you need and can save you a lot of time and stress!


 If you’re in the Vancouver area and need help organizing your garage, our team of professional organizers can help! We also have a handyman on our team who can advise you on the best storage solutions for your garage and will even install them for you!

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