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It’s a New Year – Time to Organize Your Home and Mind

It’s no secret that advances in modern society have made our lives busier and more frenzied. From the accumulation of ​stuff​ to the constant notifications binging on our devices, we can quickly become overwhelmed. For this reason, it is so important to organize and harmonize our homes and minds.

Here are some techniques that I use to help declutter my environment and, as a result, my mind.

1. Revamp Your Closet

Having a disorganized closet can cause anxiety and stress, and that’s not the way to start your day. Downsize and organize your closet by purging and donating or selling any items you haven’t used or worn in the last six months. Hang clothes by category (dresses, pants, blouses, jackets) and use​ the ​same hangers​ throughout​. Use shelving space for bulkier items such as jeans or sweaters.

2. Organize Your Kitchen and Pantry

Having an organized kitchen and pantry will make cooking much more enjoyable. Searching for an ingredient or kitchen tool while you have something burning on the stove will only add to your stress. Arrange baking items together, use ​drawer space​ more wisely, and use storage solutions such as glass jars, ​coordinating containers​, and ​baskets​ to store bulk items and dry ingredients.

3. Clean Out Handbags, Purses, and Cosmetics Bags

We’ve all been there before – digging in your handbag for your keys, but all you can find are receipts, spare coins, and that lipstick you no longer wear. Before the clutter gets out of hand, it’s a great idea to periodically go through your purses, outerwear pockets, and cosmetics cases. Toss out any makeup that is ​expired​, old hair bands, candy, receipts, and wrappers that have managed to hide out in the bottom of your bags.

4. Tidy Up Your Car

Many of us spend hours per week in our car, so it’s important that it is a harmonious, clutter-free space. At the start of each new season, make a habit of going through your glove compartment, trunk, armrest, and the pockets on the doors. Clean out anything that doesn’t belong, such as receipts, newspapers, gloves, sporting equipment, etc. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have what you need for the upcoming season – for fall and winter, make sure you have a window scraper, in spring you might need extra windshield washer fluid, and in the summer it

may be handy to have a bottle of sunscreen and a picnic blanket. Neatly store these items in a trunk organizer​.

5. Declutter Electronic Devices

This one is my personal favourite – every week I clean out my photo gallery, Instagram, and email subscriptions. With so much information available on so many different platforms, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Our interests and goals are ever-changing, so it’s a great idea to ensure we have access to high-quality content and important communications quickly and easily.

It may seem like a lot to do all at once, but by making a few small changes in your day-to-day and implementing new rituals and habits, you can effect change. When the spaces you spend your time in are well-organized, positive energy will easily flow through your body, soul, and all around you.

Not sure where to start? Hire a ​professional organizer in Vancouver​ to help get you started today!