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declutterHow to Start Decluttering Your Home – Harmony Home Organizing in Vancouver

If you’re planning to declutter your home, you may feel overwhelmed and ask yourself, “Where do I start?” This is often a big reason it is difficult for many to tackle their clutter. Below are some tips for getting started.

Make Space

Garbage, donation bags, and recycling can take up space and overwhelm you. So even if you think you should hang onto the bag of clothes you intend to donate so you can add to it, don’t. Take all unnecessary items out of your home. Recycle or donate before you start, then again as needed throughout the process. It doesn’t hurt to make a few trips to the donation bin, and you’ll be farther ahead than if you wait to take it all out together.

Start Small

Look at decluttering your home as running a marathon rather than a race. Going slow and steady will get you much farther in the end. Set realistic expectations and timelines and give yourself grace.

Divide your home into sections, which should be easy, as each area/room is a section. Once you pick a room, commit to finishing it before moving on to the next, and sectioning it into even smaller areas. For example, if you’ve selected your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom start with one drawer. Go through the items in that one area, declutter, and remove garbage, recycling, and items intended for donation immediately. Have a box, bag, or bin ready to place the donated items into.

Set Time Limits

If you can spend a full day, or even weekend, decluttering and have decided that is what you want to do, that’s great! But if you try to do this too often, it can lead to burnout. For most people, working in smaller increments of time is easier. Try scheduling 15 or 30 minutes to tackle one section per day, and set a timer if you need. It may not feel like you’re making progress at first, but after just a few days of doing this, you will start to see a big difference. This technique also helps to create good organizational habits for the future.

Save Larger Areas for Later

The thought of decluttering an area like a garage can create a lot of anxiety. Again, try to divide it into smaller sections. If you are still finding it difficult, wait to tackle this area until you’ve had some practice with smaller areas of your home. The more you declutter, the easier it will become. If you have a day where you have a lot of time, you can commit three or four hours to tackle these larger areas.

Ask for Help

Ask for help with larger jobs, like garages, or smaller jobs if you don’t have experience with organizing and decluttering. You could take it as an opportunity to spend time with friends or family by enlisting their help. Spend a few hours in the morning working, then order a pizza at the end of the day! It can be fun and may even create some fond memories.

Call in the Pros

If the thought of decluttering your home still feels overwhelming, remember that you’re not alone. Professional organizers have the experience and skill and thrive on helping others create a peaceful, decluttered, and organized home.

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