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    Vancouver, Victoria

How long does it take you to declutter your house?

Just count!

Recent surveys indicate that household decluttering takes on average 208 hours a year, at least. In a lifetime, this is 1 year and 3 months. Some will use up to 2 years based on their yearly average time decluttering.

How would you like the idea of ​​“donating” 1.25 to 2 years of your life (24/7) for household clutter removal and closet organization.

But this can be corrected and the time spent on decluttering your house can be reduced!

I am Olena Zaldivar, Trained Professional Organizer in Vancouver and a member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) since 2016.

You can hire me and my team to organize your home and closet or to declutter or downsize your home.

I will organize your home in a way such that it will be easy to maintain order.

I will organize your house once and for all and your space will work for you, not against you. You will benefit by having a more peaceful home, less fatigue and more time for yourself.