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How Clutter Impacts Us

Clutter drains you physically and emotionally and it may create anxiety while making it a struggle to deal with on a daily basis. Have you asked yourself, where does clutter come from? Well, It’s simple, we have clutter because we haven’t decided where to put stuff. When we don’t make decisions right away we end up letting things pile up, which over time creates a cluttered space. Clutter is a result of postponed decisions.

I have noticed from my clients and my own experience that organizing can make a huge positive impact on your everyday life. Organizing influences how you feel, how you function and perceive yourself. Even a simple thing, like organizing a closet can improve your everyday life. When you open your closet and see it all neat and tidy, you automatically feel more in control of your life. Space under control makes us feel like we own our life.

How to get started organizing your space

First, start with a space that makes you feel drained. Take baby steps and start small. Just give yourself 10 -15 minutes a day. Set a timer and sort through that pile of clutter. Don’t try to make it perfect. As you remove the clutter and create that visual simplicity you will feel lighter and will have clarity of mind. Clear surfaces are not only pleasing to the eye, but they are also beneficial to our mind. Organizing will make you feel more relaxed and happy in your own home.

Get a few garbage bags, one for donation items, on for recycling and one for garbage. The goal is to separate what you cherish from the clutter. Whatever is garbage throw it out. If you see old newspaper, recycle it. If you have some items that you don’t use then donate them. Do it with a mind frame of a giver, thinking that there may be someone out there who may need it. Return each item to their home. Create a home for those items that don’t have a place. And most importantly make this a habit. Use 5-10 minutes a day for returning items to their homes. This is the best way of keeping your space tidy.

Decluttering services in Vancouver

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