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As much of world is in chaos and many of us stay at home during the pandemic, our home environment affects our life. When our home is organized it helps us remain healthy, saves us money and gives us peace of mind.

If your home feels stressful or overwhelming, likely your anxiety is through the roof. By doing small actions towards organizing your space, you can take back control of your life.

Select a space

You will obtain a greater reward by choosing the space where you spend most of your time. Visualize how you want it to look like and keep this picture in your mind through the process. Dedicate 2 to 3 hours a day to organizing. You must be able to concentrate.

Take all items out and start sorting

Use a big flat surface like a bed or a table for sorting. Cover to protect it from dust. You will need containers or boxes and sticky notes to identify categories. Use what you have. No need to buy.
Your main categories will be: keep, donate and toss. Others may include recycle, relocate (to another room), sell and fix.

Purge and Declutter

Be honest and ask yourself. When was the last time I used it? How many do I need? Is it broken, worn out or expired? Let it go. Keep what you use the most. Store sentimental items in one box. 

Categorize Your Items

Keep the like ones together and use green tape and sharpie for labelling. Store the most frequently used items at your eye level and less frequently or out-of-season on top. Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. For grouping similar items use containers.


Daily return things to their home. When buying, always ask yourself. Do I already have something like this? Where do I put it? Do I really need it? If you decided that you need new jeans follow the one in, one out rule to keep free of clutter.