Storage Units: Pros and Cons

Storage Units: Pros and Cons Whenever I drive I notice all these storage companies around Vancouver. They seem to be rapidly multiplying like bacteria or fungi. It’s a real mystery why so many are out there, and with all the competition,…

How to Get Your House in Order without Buying Anything New

How to Get Your House in Order without Buying Anything New Home organizer With all the time you’re spending in your home these days, you’ve likely noticed that there’s plenty of items lying around that you hardly use, or…
5 steps to downsizing your home office storage space

5 Simple Steps to Downsizing Your Home, Office or Storage Space

Do you have an unnecessary attachment to your possessions? These 5 simple steps can help you overcome your clutter worries!

Decluttering Your Home for Sale In 3 Simple Steps

Decluttering your home is core to selling it for maximum value. As such, it’s not only practical and unavoidable, it’s strategic!
Vancouver Sun - Decluttering Your Home Expert Tips

Featured on the Vancouver Sun!

Harmony Home Organizing in Vancouver Sun Harmony Home Organizing has been featured on the Vancouver Sun website, providing expert tips for decluttering your home during self-isolation.
Olena Dibrivna of Harmony Home Organizing decluttering a closet

Expert Tips for Organizing Your Home During Self-Isolation

Check us out on the Vancouver Sun providing expert tips for home organizing solutions! View Article As much of world is in chaos and many of us stay at home during the pandemic, our home environment affects our life. When our…
how to stay organized in 2020 with professional organizing services

How to Stay Organized in 2021

How to Stay Organized in 2021 Advices from professional organizer Olena Zaldivar from Vancouver The new year is prime time to reflect on how you can improve your life. Whether it’s your goals, your priorities, or even your…