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8 Christmas Gifts for a Clutter-less Home

In the spirit of the Christmas season, we tend to exchange a lot of gifts. As a home organizer that does a lot of decluttering, I come across many unopened Christmas gifts from previous years. But “things” are temporary while memories last forever. Why not do something different this year by giving away the gift of experience instead of clutter? Here is a list of 8 great ideas for a clutter-less Christmas this holiday season:

1. Do a Fun Activity

How many times have you received a sweater that you never wore, a book that you never read, or a mug that you never used? We tend to put these gifts away for “later use” since we know they’re not going anywhere – at least not by themselves. Instead of your gifts collecting dust, try buying your loved ones tickets to the zoo, the aquarium, an amusement park, or the movies!

2. Classes

No – not school classes. Instead, encourage your loves ones’ personal interests by getting them a paint class. Or, if you know someone who’s interested in learning a language or musical instrument, then sign them up for a language or music class.

Classes don’t always have to be artistic or intellectual. They can also be physical. Your family and friends can take snowboarding or skiing classes, dance classes, or even rock-climbing classes! And the best part is, you can do all of these things together.

3. Online Subscriptions

Subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Your loved ones are bound to make use of it during the holidays. You also can’t go wrong with podcast subscriptions, audio book services like Audible, or satellite radio subscriptions for loved ones who’re always on the go. The choices are endless!

4. Useful Gifts

By “useful” I mean consumable – and I’m not talking about money. Useful gifts don’t add clutter because their shelf-life is finite as they become used up! So, buy your loved ones their favourite coffee or tea. I’m a huge fan of David’s Tea – they have a large variety of aromatic teas. And for “sweet-tooths”, desserts or chocolates are a great way to go. Even fruit baskets are bound to be well-received.

5. Your Time

While some prefer spending money, others prefer spending time. Whether the Christmas season is financially-straining or you’re more the sentimental type – you can offer your services. Does your family need a babysitter? Then give them a coupon for “X” number of free babysits. Do they need yard work, shovelling, or home organizing? Offer to do it for them. Time is more precious than anything.

6. Make Surprise Date

If you’d really like to show a special person in your life how you feel, then schedule a carefully-planned surprise date. If their favourite sport’s team or musician is in town, bring them to a game or concert. Take them to a fancy restaurant that they’ve been dying to try. They’ll never forget the gesture.

7. Create a Photo Album

Okay. I must admit, this idea isn’t entirely clutter-less, but photo albums are highly sentimental. The best part is you only require a printer and photo paper. That being said, services like Sempix can easily digitize your photos. Send online photo albums to loved ones near and far.

8. Re-gift Your Stuff

Again, not entirely a clutter-less solution for the receiver, but what about you? If you have old or unopened Christmas gifts that you never use, then re-gift them to those who will.

Don’t worry! No one will know that you’re using the same gifts that you received last Christmas.

Christmas is a season for giving. And there’s nothing more precious than time. So, this Christmas, treat yourself or a loved one to our professional organizer services!