What Is a Professional Home Organizer?

Secrets of the Profession

No matter how often you tidy up a few days later, the mess is back again. Does this sound familiar? The solution to staying organized is starting with an organized space. If you feel like you are struggling with how to get there, perhaps it is time to work with a professional home organizer.

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What is a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer is a specialist who helps people transform their living spaces from chaotic and disorderly to convenient, comfortable, and orderly by providing advice and support.
Related areas of activity are interior designers, office managers, time managers, or personal finance consultants. Some think professional organizers are just like housekeepers, but there is quite a difference. Organizers implement practical and convenient storage systems that make it easier for the owners or housekeepers to stay organized.

What Is Included in the Area of Activity?

A specialist can organize anything from your computer desktop to garden tools in the shed. The most often requested services are:

  • Create storage solutions and reorganize existing spaces.
  • Declutter closets (room, apartment).
  • Create a storage system in empty spaces, for example, in a new building.
  • Organize moving, travelling.
  • Organize office spaces, including documents.

Professional organizers can organize the space with or without client participation, but before the physical work can start, there is a lot of preparatory work, including:

  • Studying photographs and preparing a plan.
  • Outlining ideas, selecting photos, and creating visual examples to present to the client.
  • Making lists of storage items that need to be purchased for the system to work.

Once the organizing is complete, the specialist advises the client on staying organized and focusing on the basic principles by sharing various tips and tricks.

How to Become a Professional Organizer: Secrets of the Profession

Being organized does not come naturally to everyone but, some people have a knack for it. They intuitively know what solution is needed simply by looking at the dilemma and are often

successful in helping others organize. Below we reveal 5 secrets and subtleties of the profession.

Secret 1. It Is Not For Everybody

While organizational skills may come naturally to some, they can also be learned. Analytical skills, the ability to see an object or a situation from the outside, and a sense of harmony can help you but, the most important is to have a passion for what you do. Continued learning, for example, in design or time management, will be welcome additions.

Advice! Start with self-organization. Sort your own home or help friends and family to test your professional suitability.

Secret 2. Try-On Someone’s life

The most important part of the work is to create a system that will be convenient and easy for the client to understand. For some, it can be difficult to trust their home to a stranger and for a service provider, it can be challenging to understand the client’s habits, peculiarities of perception and lifestyle. It is the same as trying on someone’s life.

Humans have become accustomed to accumulating things that are often difficult to let go of. Professionals must have a sense of tact, be friendly, understanding, and be a good communicator.

Secret 3. Creativity and Attention to Detail

Like the saying, “A place for everything, and everything in its place”, the main idea of professional spatial organization is not just neatness, but the ability to have anything where needed.
Creativity is another skill of professional organizers. Just as no two humans are the same, no two homes are the same. Each closet, kitchen, and desk space is unique. Therefore, every new client and each organizational design needs to be adapted to the client and their situation.

Secret 4. Never Stop Learning

Basic professional skills are conventionally combined into two blocks:

  • knowledge of technologies, storage systems;
  • knowledge of goods for storage things.

The first block assumes that the specialist is good at the basic principles of furnishing the living space. The Icon of many professional organizers is Marie Kondo, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and star of Netflix’s series Tidying Up. Andrew Mellen’s Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good, and Erin R. Doland’s, Unclutter Your Life in One Week, are also great resources to hone your organizational skills.

The second block means having knowledge of the range and purpose of goods for storage. The task of the specialist is beyond putting everything in the right place. It also involves advising how to choose the appropriate storage solutions and locations for items by offering various

types of organizers or containers and letting the client choose based on their needs and taste preferences.

Secret 5. Lifehack to Help!

It may seem like there is a lifehack for everything, and it is no different in the world of Professional Organizing. Good consultants always keep an eye on the newest trends and advancements in storage accessories, stay up-to-date with social media, and are eager to share tips, tricks, and lifehacks with clients, to ensure staying organized is easy!