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Our Wardrobe Organizing Service Harmony Home Organizing

As we’re some of the most experienced professional organizers in the Vancouver, we’re able to offer an unrivalled comprehensive wardrobe organization service in Vancouver, working with you on your drawers, cupboards and storage to create a practical and efficient space which also fulfils your visual desires.

Wardrobes, walk-in closets and dressing rooms are all spaces that can get overlooked. These should be functional spaces but are often overlooked which in turn gives us anxiety and stress rather than simplicity and enjoyment.

Our team of professional wardrobe organizers will support you in identifying which clothes you keep and which ones might be better off passing on. As daunting as this task might seem, believe me, we will make it into a very enjoyable experience.

Ultimately, we’re here to help you rediscover your wardrobe, prioritising the clothes that you love, making them easier to access and shedding or relocating those items that are taking up precious space. By organizing and sorting through your clothes, we can create an area you actually enjoy interacting with every day. Everything will end up with a practical place to live and everything will make sense.

Vancouver Wardrobe Organizing Specialists

We understand what a premium there is on space and have seen first hand that even those with the space can fall into habits that lead to wardrobes becoming disorganised.

Our wardrobe organizing service is for you if:

  • you’ve collected too many clothes and have lost sight of your favourite pieces
  • packing for a weekend away has become an exercise in frustration
  • you’re no longer enjoying getting ready for a night out
  • you’re wasting precious time rifling through racks and drawers to find the right item
  • you’re guilty of holding onto clothes you know you aren’t even sure about
  • you have clothes that you love to own, but don’t love to wear
  • you’re in the habit of buying more clothes than you can store
  • you want to change your shopping habits and start enjoying the clothes you have

This whole experience is about rediscovering what you own, knowing what’s actually in your wardrobe and what you feel great wearing. It’s about getting back the enjoyment of getting ready in the morning (and it will look amazing too!)

Our Process

  1. You make your enquiry and tell us what you are wanting to achieve regarding your wardrobe and any problems you currently have.
  2. We book an organization day in our diaries.
  3. We arrive on the day, have a quick chat and show round and then get started.
  4. You make the decisions and we implement the order, We will methodically go through your clothing, accessories and shoes and you will make a decision on each item:
  • Keep
  • Give to charity
  • Resell
  • Archive special items for children
  • Give to friends or family
  • Repair
  1. We’ll organize the clothes you’ve chosen to keep and create a system that you can use to keep organized going forward.

NOTE: A confidentiality agreement is available, so you know that no matter what you have, there is no cause for concern.