How to organize papers, books and art items?


  • obtain color coded folders and document storage trays,
  • organize your bills conveniently – those needed to be kept for a long time and those that need to be disposed of shortly (1-2 weeks),
  • set up a system that is understandable to all family members for sorting and storing documents that periodically enter your home,
  • your system should be easy to access able to track outdated documents.


  • tidy up the desk or the place that is relevant to you,
  • study ergonomics of the workplace – and you can apply these principles both at home and in the workplace,
  • organize your desk according to the rules,
  • organize and declutter your desk drawers,
  • organize educational materials in an understandable system: abstracts, handouts from conferences, magazines and newspapers, magazine clippings,
  • consider scanning everything and storing them digitally in an organized manner,
  • organize your stationery.


  • learn to say goodbye to unnecessary books,
  • organize the storage of books by category,
  • learn the principles of book organizing.

Creativity and sentimental items

  • sort through photos, postcards, diaries, questionnaires, sentimental memos, souvenirs, gifts, etc.
  • Learn to say goodbye to sentimental things,
  • organize photos with adequate labeling,
  • organize crafts and hobby supplies by categories such as fabrics, threads, ribbons, buttons.
  • Consider making your own creative corner,
  • make decisions regarding unfinished art or hobby projects.