Do you need to hire someone to organize your closet?

I am a Trained Professional Organizer in Vancouver and a member of POC at your service since 2016!

Closet organization

  • declutter your clothes on shelves, clothes on hangers, accessories, underwear and shoes;
  • select suitable organizational tools – organizers, hangers, wardrobe trunks, containers, accessories;
  • find a way to store used but not dirty clothes;
  • arrange your clothes so that each item is comfortable to use;
  • organize the space in the closet vertically and horizontally

Organization of accessories:

  • choose a storage method for all accessories (bags, hats, gloves, scarves, belts, jewelry, hairpins, elastic bands, sunglasses, umbrellas)
  • set up 3 shoe storage systems: organize seasonal, non-seasonal and indoor shoes

Textile organization

  • organize 4 main types of home textiles: sleeping, bath, dining, interior textiles
  • fold bed linen and towels