closet and pantry organizing services - after

 Do you need to hire professional organizer to organized your kitchen?

My name is Olena Zaldivar, I am a Trained Professional Organizer in Vancouver and a member of POC. I have had the opportunity to help a wide variety of individuals and families organize their kitchen in Vancouver.

And I am ready to help you!

  • divide the kitchen into logical zones and correctly organize each (food storage area, cooking area, eating area, etc.)
  • organize the space on the countertop correctly
  • add more visual order to the kitchen
  • optimize storage even in a small kitchen
  • find suitable organizational tools – organizers, containers


  •  declutter and organize tableware and utensils, dishes for cooking and storing food
  • find the right place for everything – from small kitchen utensils and plastic containers to dishes and appliances
  • organize space even on uncomfortable, corner, high and deep shelves
  • create a system that family members can easily support

Grocery pantry:

  • systematize and label food stocks: cereals and pasta, spices, tea and coffee, sweets
  • pick up containers for bulk products
  • set up your food storage system to always know what’s in stock

Household goods

  • organize household items (rags, foil, sponges, bags) and kitchen textiles for convenient use
  • pick up containers for household goods
  • organize the space on the sides of the sink so that it is easy and quick to keep it clean
  • optimize the space under the sink, so that not 1 centimeter is wasted
  • organize the storage of vegetables
  • set up a garbage collection system in the kitchen and throughout the house
  • set up a simple garbage sorting system