Сhildren’s room organization in Vancouver

Do you need to hire someone to organize your children’s room in Vancouver?

My name is Olena Zaldivar, I am a Trained Professional Organizer in Vancouver and a member of POC. My team have had the opportunity to help a wide variety of individuals and families organize their children’s room in Vancouver.

And we are ready to help You

  • correctly identify and organize areas in the children’s room (study area, play area, sleep area, etc.);
  • create a suitable storage system (pick up organizers, containers, hangers) – depending on the hobbies and age of the child.

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Baby clothes:

  • organize drawers and shelves in the children’s closet;
  • create a way to store used but not dirty clothes;
  • organize a collection point for dirty children’s clothes;
  • organize children’s clothing in the hallway;
  • make the wardrobe really comfortable for the child;
  • clothing labeling according to age;
  • organize out-of-season children’s clothing.

Kids toys:

  • organize children’s toys;
  • find a solution for storing lego and other constructors;
  • organize puzzles and board games;
  • organize toys depending on the number of children and their age;
  • sort and label toys;
  • create a special container system that is easy for the child to keep in order;
  • organize toys not only in the children’s room, but also in other places where the child plays (living room, kitchen);
  • organize outdoor toys in the hallway;